Profile Minidata offers planning software for distribution center operation. The software complements Warehouse Managment System (WMS), it has been installed in number of large and small retailers, and it is inexpensive. Minidata people and projects done
Product  Service
  • A suite of  software packages for a distribution center (DC) operation planning
  • Consulting  - integration of the offered software  with other software packages
  • Windows, Mac, Unix, some PDA.
Feliks Gadzinski    feliks@minidata.ca

A package will pay for itself usually in a few weeks. The saving comes from transportation cost reduction and from more efficient used of manpower, trailers, and dock space. For example, a trailer cube is better utilized, there is less congestion at the docks, and the assignment of pickers to picking areas is based on the workload.  A distribution center operations with a planner is more predictable and manpower is adjusted to the workload.
Interface with other systems is implemented via import and export  files. The input and output files are user configurable.
Price and Support
The price depends on the required customization. Off-the-shelf solution starts at $500. The support covers 7 x 24 telephone response by software developers. Remote access is setup for troubleshooting and  source code is installed at the site.
Articles & Slides
Article:  Distribution Center Productivity Improvements Through Scheduling     Packages overview:   Presentation Slides    
Help Needed
We need an independent sales rep interested in commision-only sales opportunity.  Target Markets: distribution, warehouses, transportation.  Product lines: software for routing, batching and waving.
Software Package
Batching, shipping docks managment, and manpower planning for a DC with  sorter
WavePlannerAid Automatic scheduling of waves, staging lanes and manpower for a DC with sorter
OutboundPlanner Delivery routing, shipping docks managment, and manpower planning for a DC with staging lanes
AppointmentPlanner  Automatic inbound appointment booking
Tracking Inboud tracking  and collecting statistics and compliance data
ManufacturingPlanner Batch manufacturing scheduling
IntelligentViewer Intelligent viewer of a scheduling report
RoutePlanner Simple delivery routing
CrossDockingPlanner Batching with cross-docking
Automatic scheduling and balancing of conveyors and  sorters
www.maxcheduler.com MaxScheduler is off-the-shelf  version of our  software packages.  It includes: Receiving Door Scheduler, Shipping Door Scheduler, and Machine Scheduler.  Each scheduler  is designed to be self-installed and  downloaded from Web.

Last updated: November 8, 2006