A routing and trailer loads building application that supports equipment assignment.

Application RoutePlanner
Application Summary The software groups the shipping orders into trailer loads automatically based on a routing table which is prepared off-line. The scheduler can edit the created trailer loads by moving orders from one load to another on the routing board. The overall objective is to maximize trailer cube utilization, and meet the delivery window.  The use of a routing table eliminates a need for geographical data and works well when the routes are stable, but the orders size vary. 
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Click here  and e-mail us a sample of  shipping orders  or picking list report.  We will configure the system and demo it to you over Internet.

Functions Benefits
It supports splitting  a large order into many trailer loads. It allows to handle a large order, e.g. a new store is open or an order from a DC.
It allows to add additional cube to each order. It improves trailer cube utilization and reduce the frequency of  left on the dock.
It supports assigning carrier and trailer to a trailer load. It improves equipment utilization.
Here is a snap shot of the routing board. Each column represents a trailer load with orders. In this case, each order has a order#/ cube and the home route the order. The scheduler can move orders around by dragging, e.g. to change the loading order or move an order from one trailer load to another.

Here is a snapshot from a  list of trailer loads.