A simple application for tracking, logging  and real-time monitoring  of inbound progress.

Application Name
Application Summary
The application imports the appointments for the day from Appointment  Application. It shows all the appointments on the scheduling board. The appointments status is updated automatically as the e-mails with events are received. An event e-mail can represent yard time, door time, or coplition time. A web page with current board status is periodically published. The scheduler can move an appointment on the board. The appointment schedule and all the events are logged  for  generating statistics and compliance reports.
The information about  appointments for the day is imported from  appointment booking application .
For more details
Click here  and e-mail us a sample of your inbound bookings report and a list of shipping doors.  We will configure the system and  demo it to you over Internet.
Functions Benefits
Import appointments schedule.
It eliminates manual data entry.
It  allows to change appointment schedule to handle exceptions.
It improves inbound efficency.
It automatically logs inbound events.
It eliminates paper handling and storage and eliminates manual events logging.
It processes inbound events sent via e-mail.
It is an inexpensive way of data collection. An e-mail can be sent  via a cellular phone from far away.
It monitors in real-time the inbound schedule execution. It allows real-time manpower adjustment.
Keeps log of inbound events. It allows  performance evaluation of carriers, shifts, and receivers.
It shows a snapshot of the  appointments for a day. The red indicates the column which was used to sort the appointments. The load column is the appointment#.
It shows a snapshot of the scheduling board with scheduled bookings.  The columns are receiving doors. Each box represents an appointment. The text is appointment # , carrier and vendor. The box hight represents the estimated receiving time.