A simple scheduling application for a batch manufacturing

Application Name
Application Summary
The software assists the scheduler in answering the questions what to make, when to make, in what quantity, and what resources are needed. It is a graphical interactive scheduling software based on the current inventory and sale forecast (or actual orders) of the finished products. It handles semi and finished products, manufacturing batches, and it generates manufacturing and packaging orders. 
It  interfaces an MRP system, it imports inventory and sale forecast and exports request to create manufacturing orders.
in food industry
For more  details Click here  and send us  a sample of a report or spreadsheets you use for scheduling now. We will configure the system for you and  demo it to you over Internet.
Functions Benefits
It generates plots of  inventory position for finished and semi products (e.g., before packaging). It improves scheduler productivity.
It marks products with low inventory. It improves scheduler productivity.
It calculates automatically the split of a production batch into finished products. It improves scheduler productivity.
This is a sample of the scheduling window. The blue column is a list of semi products and the next column is a list of the finished products made from the selected semi product. The plot shows projected inventory based on the ship forecast (red). The yellow represents the actual shipment for the last three weeks. The orange horizontal  line is two week demands. inventory
This  is a sample of a production plan. The listed production batches have not been assigned  the resource type "Smoke House".