An e-mail based automatic booking application of  inbound appointments that supports requests verification, and logging.

Application Name
Application Summary
A carrier or vendor  sends an e-mail with request for receiving appointment by filling in a template. The system checks the request validity, creates an inbound shipment, and mails the appointment back to the carrier. In case of a problem, the exception clerk handles the request. The appointment schedule is presented as web page and updated as new appointments are created.  All received and sent e-mails are logged.  For example, one can ask for all e-mails received from carrier X.
For more  details
Click here  and send us an e-mail with  a sample of your appointment request (e.g., e-mail,  fax), report you use to validate request (e.g., POs), and list of receiving doors. We will configure the system for you and  demo it to you over Internet.
You can try the system. Just send e-mail to appointment@minidata.ca and put "help" as subject. The system will reply with  instructions and you will be able to make an appointment.
Functions Benefits
An appointment request is checked for validity. It saves manpower.
It created  inbound load and book appointment for it. It saves manpower.
It logs incoming and outgoing e-mails. It eliminates paper filing and  allow fast access.
It updates the web page with the schedule as new bookings are created. It improves booking visibility.
It balances receiving workload within a week. It reduces fluctuation of required manpower.
It balances receiving dock workload within a shift. It reduces dock congestion.
The receiving time is estimated from a vendor, skus and cartons. It saves manpower.

A sample of an e-mail template
To be filled in and sent by email to where it came from, with
the subject: schedule.
Example => Date:: 2000-09-23
Vendor name::
Vendor number::
Contact name::
Contact phone::
po:: | po| cartons| pallets | SKUs| .
Example => po::|81920258|50|1 |10|
Example => po::|23987|300|2|1|

This is a sample of  appointment booking schedule. The columns are doors and an appointment has indicated  load#,carrier and vendor. bookings
This is a sample of daily summary. The data is a date, man-hours of work booked and number of cases to receive.