Scheduling and balancing of conveyor system with sorters

Summary The software schedules operation of conveyor system with sorters that sort cases into sort categories for delivery to stores. It works on wave-by-wave bases and produces wave plan. The plan is generated automatically, but can be edited. The main goals are balance conveyors, assign sort lanes to sort categories, and merge small sort categories. The conveyors and sorters are user configurable.
The software is installed in large distribution center operated by Exel.

Functions Benefits
Generate the plan automatically The optimal plan is generated in one minute for batch of 25,000 cases and 400 sort categories.
Merge small sort categories
The software makes it possible to implement complex merging rules to reduce the number of pallets.
Generate web pages with the plan
Internet Explore or other web browser is used to view the plan.
Here is a sample of the plan. There are eight such pages to represent the whole plan. Each page represents about 50 sort lanes with assigned  sort categories (one or many). The orange color lanes are the reject lanes. Large sort categories are assigned 2 sort lanes.