An outbound scheduling application that supports routing, staging, and doors management for a DC without a sorter

Application Name
Application Summary
The application schedules outbound operation of a distribution center without a sorter. It includes routing application, creates a picking schedule, it manages staging areas, shipping doors, and shippers.  It generates an export file for  picking labels printing.
For more details
Click here  and e-mail us a sample of your orders report and list of shipping doors.  We will configure the system and demo it to you over Internet.
Functions Benefits
It creates routes and trailer loads. The trailer cube utilization is increased.
It assigns a trailer load to a shipping door. It improves scheduler productivity and reduces dock congestion.
It balances shipping doors workload. It improves shippers productivity.
It balances picking areas workload. It improves pickers productivity.
It creates a manpower plan for picking and shipping. It improves shippers and pickers productivity.
It generates an export file  for picking labels printing. It eliminates manual sorting of picking labels.
This is a sample of  the board for scheduling trailer loads. The columns represent the shipping doors. Each trailer load shows its orders and their loading sequence. The high of an order rectangle represents the estimated loading time. The red color shows that the load will miss its departure time.  schedule
This is a sample of a window showing total picks for a day, by picking area, for all the orders.