An intelligent viewer of a scheduling report

Application IntelligentViewer
Application Summary Imagine that you have a scheduling system which produces a schedule in form of a report. The report has all the data you need, but the data are not presented in graphical form so you cannot  see the big picture. SMIntelligentViewer solves the problem, it takes the report and produces a schedule which look like table  with all the data nicely grouped.
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Click here  and e-mail us  a sample of your report and  describe it. We will configure the system and demo it to you over Internet.

 Here is a  snapshot of a report representing  appointment booking for a distribution center.

And here is another view of the report produced by SMIntelligentViewer  The columns are doors and the rows represent the
date and time. The top blue boxes represent daily summary ( manhrs of work/ total cases).
The green rectangles represent bookings. Each booking has  load#,  carrier and vendor indicated.